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September 23, 2012 | In: Technology Facts

Apps for apes

For almost a year a zoo in the U.S. runs a program that gives orangutans access to technology, specifically the Apple iPad tablet. So far orangutans proved to be extremely responsive and have learned how to “button” the Tablet. The U.S. Company and the zoo management want to convince Apple to create inside the App Store a special section called Apps for Apes. In this section, Apple would have to list all applications made ??for orangutans, so zoos in other parts of the globe to test the primate’s intelligence.

Moreover it seems that inside the orangutan cages will be installed hotspots that will allow them to make video calls and use applications that require internet connection, so the whole project is quite well done. Some think that these tablets would have been more useful in the hands of a children who would not have the opportunity to buy such a device, but one can never know what interesting discoveries could come out of a project like this one over time.

Apple started the story with the ipod.They lists iPad applications compatible with the new Retina Display.

The new iPad tablet comes with a great screen, so Apple had to list in the App Store applications that use graphics specially designed for it. The idea of the Cupertino Company led to the creation of ??a new section in which are listed all applications for iPad updated with special graphics for the display of the new device, Retina. So far only 23 applications have been updated to provide a user experience as good as possible on Apple’s new Retina display, but the list will surely increase in the future.
Unfortunately Apple does not yet mark in any way the graphics applications for iDevice’s Retina Ready, so you will not know which iPad applications will be prepared to run perfectly on your tablet.

Apple capitalization is greater than the total value of companies listed on European exchanges.

With a capitalization of $624 billion, Apple is worth half of all Class A shares in the free float Chinese markets, which are restricted to foreign investors, according to an analysis Financial Times (FT), taken from

Apple will release next week the sixth model in the family of smart phones, which most likely will be called iPhone 5, according to information published by sources in the international press.

According to market rumors, the company prepares an “iPad Mini”, a smaller version of the iPad tablet with a 7-inch diagonal and a price which would enter into direct competition with products like the Kindle Fire from or Nexus 7 from Asus and Google.

Apple wants to launch a smaller, cheaper iPad. Apple shares are currently at record levels because of rumors about the launch mini iPad. According to internet rumors, Apple will launch in October a smaller version of the popular electronic tablets iPad. website has published several photos of the claims that the iPad Mini, 8-inch screen tablet that Apple would launch it in October (compared, three models of iPad screens until now have 9.7 inches screens).

Mini iPad tablet would compete with Google Nexus tablet 7, at a starting price of $199.

Inside, Mini iPads will have the same hardware configuration as iPads 2.

According to other rumors, Apple will launch iPhone 5 in September, so the Apple fans could say that this is the best year so far.

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